What We Do

Exam Star Learner, a charity dedicated to addressing the educational disparities faced by underprivileged children and young people in the London borough of Southwark.

We provide high-quality, affordable Maths, English, Science, and French tutorials, tailored to bridge the gap in home learning support for those from low-income backgrounds.

Our goal is to empower children and young people to fulfil their educational potential, break the cycle of poverty, and unlock brighter futures for themselves and their community.

We envision a Southwark community where every child and young person, regardless of socio-economic background, can access personalised, high-quality and cost-effective home learning support. We aim to foster an inclusive community where academic success is not hindered by economic disadvantages.

Equity, Empowerment, and Impact guide us in everything we do. We believe in levelling the playing field, empowering children to take charge of their learning journey, and committing to create tangible and meaningful outcomes for our beneficiaries.

Our Services

  • High Quality, Cost-effective, Home Learning Support: We connect directly with parents and guardians, offering English, Maths, Science, and French tutorials to children and young people aged 5-18.
  • Tailored Support for Low to Middle Income Families: Our affordable service is passionately designed to support parents who cannot access the private tuition needed for their children’s education.
  • Inspiring Confidence and Growth: We aim to inspire our students to grow in confidence and self-esteem, achieving their full potential, and gaining better outcomes in education and employment.

Our Commitment to Compassion, Equality, and Independence
We are steadfast in our commitment to addressing inequality in educational attainment. By focusing on compassion, equality, and independence, we strive to provide opportunities that make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

We understand

Modern parents are under tremendous pressures and often too busy to support their children with schoolwork.

Unfortunately, with the high cost of private tutoring, many low to middle income parents are unable to afford the learning support their children need.

We are eager to help parents through the delivery of affordable 1:1 online tutorials that are tailored to their children’s individual learning needs.

Our Solution

Exam Star® was created to benefit all primary and secondary school pupils, especially those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

We want to ensure individualised academic support can be accessed by every pupil who needs it.

The aim is to work towards a fairer education system and help all pupils to reach their full academic potential.


Quality of provision is crucial when contemplating private tuition. Our high-quality, online tutors are DBS checked.

All Exam Star® online tuition sessions are recorded for training and monitoring. This not only means our Volunteer Online Tutors are observed on a regular basis to make sure the tuition is of a standard we expect, but also to provide clarity and protection in the event of a safeguarding concern or disclosure.

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