What We Do

Affordable One-to-One Online Tuition

£5/Hour – English
£5/Hour – Maths
£5/Hour – Sciences

£10/Hour – French

£15/Hour- English for Speakers of Other Languages
Gain English literacy for use in education, employment, and everyday life.

We offer one-to-one online homework help to primary and secondary school pupils.

This is to help increase pupils’ confidence, develop their awareness of independent study methods and techniques and ultimately raise their educational aspirations as well as helping them feel more empowered to fulfil their academic potential.


We offer affordable one-to-one online tuition in English, Maths,
and Sciences.

At just £10 per hour, our one-to-one online French tuition offers a
modern, interactive and fun way to learn French.

We understand

Modern parents are under tremendous pressures and often too busy to support their children with homework.

Our one-to-one online homework help is a powerful tool to effectively support pupils with understanding and completing homework assignments. In addition, our cost effective and personalised online tuition is tailored to pupils’ individual learning needs and helps them learn from their mistakes.

Unfortunately, with the high cost of one-to-one tutoring, many parents are unable to afford offering it to their children.

Our Solution

Exam Star® was created to benefit all primary and secondary school pupils, especially those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

We want to ensure individualised academic support can be accessed by every pupil who needs it.

The aim is to work towards a fairer education system and help all pupils to reach their full academic potential.


Quality of provision is crucial when contemplating private tuition. Our high-quality, online tutors are DBS checked.

All Exam Star® online tuition sessions are recorded for training and monitoring. This not only means our Volunteer Online Tutors are observed on a regular basis to make sure the tuition is of a standard we expect, but also to provide clarity and protection in the event of a safeguarding concern or disclosure.

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