How It Works

One-to-one online tutoring that raises confidence

Exam Star® offers 1:1 tutoring to children and young people in Year 1-Year 13.

We help students through 1:1 tutoring that is genuinely individualised.

Tuition support on offer includes:

GCSE and A-levels exam preparation

Assessment preparation

Knowledge catch-up sessions

Providing a live online teaching experience, each of our tutorial is based around misconceptions, misunderstandings and the most commonly found challenging aspects of the GCSE and A-level courses.

Genuinely affordable personalised online tuition in English, Maths, Sciences, and French

Safe and Secure online study environments.

Face-to-face live online tuition delivered by DBS Checked, highly skilled Volunteer Online Tutors.

Personalised support on a weekly basis

Each primary and secondary school pupil is paired with a high-quality, DBS checked Volunteer Online Tutor to receive personalised support at home or at school.

Our cost-effective online tuition can be delivered during the school day and serve as targeted intervention as well as an individualised study support for exam preparation.