Book Subsidised Pay-as-you-go Tuition

Exam Star Learner is an educational charity.

We are on a mission to tackle the lack of access to personalised, cost-effective home learning support for underachieving, disadvantaged 5–18-year-olds who reside within the London borough Southwark.

We are passionate about ensuring that all children and young people receive the necessary support to fulfil their educational potential and have increased life chances.

To ensure that we prioritise those who are most in need, we have introduced a two-tier pricing policy: Subsidised and Unsubsidised Tuition.

Eligibility for subsidised rates (English, Maths, Science at £5/hour; French at £10/hour) is now based on residency in Southwark, academic need, and a household income below £21,000.


Parents can prove their eligibility for subsidised tuition by providing the following documentation:

Proof of Residency:
A utility bill or council tax statement showing the family’s address within the borough of Southwark.

Academic Performance:
The student’s most recent school report indicating that the student is not achieving their target grades in the subject requiring assistance.

Financial Evidence:
Bank statements for the last three calendar months or tax returns clearly showing the family’s annual earnings. To meet the criteria for low household income, total earnings should be below £21,000 for London.

If you don’t meet the above criteria, our unsubsidised rates are still competitively priced (English, Maths, Science at £14/hour; French at £17/hour).

Please feel free to visit the Book Affordable Unsubsidised Tuition section on our website to make a reservation.