Genuinely Affordable 1-2-1 Tuition For All

Lydie Gahoua of Exam Star®

Affordable One-to-One Online Tuition

£5/Hour – English
£5/Hour – Maths
£5/Hour – Sciences

£10/Hour – French

£15/Hour- English for Speakers of Other Languages
Gain English literacy for use in education, employment, and everyday life.

How It Works

One-to-one online homework help for primary and secondary school pupils every Saturday from 12 noon to 2pm.

Heavily subsidised personalised online tuition in English, Maths, Sciences, and French

Safe and Secure online study environments.

Face-to-face live online tuition delivered by DBS checked, highly skilled Volunteer Online Tutors.

Unleash their potential!

Increased Confidence
One-to-one online homework help to increase the confidence of primary and secondary school pupils.

Targeted Intervention
Cost-effective and personalised online tuition to address individual pupil needs whether they are at home or at school. Primary and secondary school pupils are paired with very high-quality, DBS checked Volunteer Online Tutors to receive heavily subsidised one-to-one online tuition.

Our live online tuition can be delivered whilst pupils are at school and serve as targeted intervention as well as an individualised study support.

5 months’ progress can be added to pupils’ schooling

The Education Endowment Foundation has calculated that an intense programme of one-to-one tuition could add as much as five months’ progress to a young person’s schooling. It works because it is tailored to individual needs and can address misconceptions at the source.

A conducive learning platform

Our online tuition platform provides a safe and secure study environment which fosters pupils’ confidence to communicate their learning needs without embarrassment or distraction from their peers. Pupils will have a chance to ask questions and receive extra support on anything they find difficult.

Volunteer Online Tutors

We pair primary and secondary school pupils with high quality, DBS checked Volunteer Online Tutors to support students and help them feel more empowered to fulfil their academic potential. Our Volunteer Online Tutors answer questions, provide explanations and give pupils new techniques to work with.

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Meet Our Current Partners

We are proud placement providers for our universities and charity partners.

We collaborate with local and national organisations with a view to help increase children and young people’s life chances through high-quality and affordable private tutoring.


My daughter’s lessons with her tutor, Madu, have changed her perspectives of Biology. Thank you Exam Star®.

Marlene Dalmeida

John has been teaching Jannah for the past four weeks and I just wanted to say he has been absolutely fantastic! Jannah has had four lessons so far and has learnt so much from them.”

Shamima Begum